Peer-to-Peer Identity
for the Sharing Economy

Because the first question you ask someone to know whether you can trust them
is not "How do you usually behave?", but "Who are you?"

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1- Create your passport

Fill in your full name, email address and add your picture. All your identity information is securely stored in your phone, it's never sent to our servers and never communicated to anyone else without your explicit consent.

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2- Get your passport stamped

In order to increase the strength of your passport, get your identity confirmed by as many PeerTrust passport bearers as possible. The more stamps you have, the less likely it is that you forged your identity.

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3- Connect your passport with your online accounts

Securely connect your PeerTrust passport to your user accounts on sharing platforms. Then people you transact with can ask to see your identity information in a completely secured way.

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